Art is a socialized object.

Social, as in, we all agree I am Canadian. Object, as in, the wordless and nameless outside of the mind. Socialized object, as in, what we call tree turned to pulp turned to stamp; what we call copper and cyanide turned to phthalo blue turned to image inked on the stamp.

Our mind sees Canada Goose stamp. 

Socialized object, as in we all agree its worth 35 cents towards sending a letter. A stamp is money or country or nostalgia or rarity. The mind likes socialized images. What image will we make for our mind that includes all that's outside the mind? What image will include everything we lose when we call it a "Canada Goose stamp?"      

What words and images, dead to everything but the mind, can hold a place in the mind for all the living?

Your truly,

The Artist