Like every toddler, to know something was to see how well it fit in my mouth. One day I found a mouth in the wall and stuck a bobby pin in it. After the electric flash and black out and hot hairpin melting through my finger, I began to seriously doubt the exploring impulse. Could we make life a little less dangerous please? I discovered true Facts from trusted sources never electrocuted anyone. Facts were everywhere and they impressed people. By the time I was 10 I wanted to be spock. I went on asking what I needed to know. I never asked how I knew. 

When I stumbled into my first Wolf pack in kyuquot, I noticed how the wolves were nothing without the cedars they hid under, the sea they swam across, the sea-otters they fed on. All of kyuquot had fit that wolf-pack in its mouth. When I got home I pondered the best way to share the experience. When I thought of painting I heard people asking me: How long have you been painting? What kind of paints do you use? When I thought of video I heard them ask: What kind of zoom? What kind of lens? Painting says more about paint than wolf. Video says more about video than wolf. How could I represent more wolf and less human?

Mirroring is a technique in communication to let others know you have represented their words in your mind by repeating word for word what the speaker says to you. Everything about a word can be represented by a word. Words are mind objects. No mind no words. A wolf is not made of words or paint or pixels. The wolf I experienced was made of kyuquot. To mirror the wolf, I collected land from specific places where I experienced the animal. To mirror the human, I used the framing device of a stamp.  It is my hope the stamp exists with less mind and more wolf. 

Yours Truly,

The Artist