Boxed Sanctuary

One of my pieces "Mallard" will appear at the Robert Bateman Centre starting December 1. This show asks what is "sanctuary" in regards to birds, animals, us. Come check it out. Here is my artist statement for the show:

How do we know a bear or wolf? We may have "seen" one through the gloss of a magazine or glow of a computer or softness of a plushy toy. To our senses, these "animals" exist in the ideal permanent everywhereness of a manufactured or fantasy ecology. From this perspective, the "wolf" is as threatened as the sudden collapse of computer innovation.

Sanctuary begins with shifting our perception. When we know an animal by experiencing the sensual reality of its habitat, its mussel shell its sandy beach, the uniqueness and specificity of that habitat is now part of the formation our understanding.

From beaver to polar bear, animals have played a large part in our collective social values. Collecting stamps reveals some of the driving forces behind this kind of citizen: one who values preservation and the preciousness of the rare. Sanctuary begins, I believe, with understanding how we see and how perception shapes our decisions.


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